Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

In relation to Respectful Relationships:

  • Every child’s rights will be upheld and respected.
  • Children will be encouraged to express themselves and gently guided to work to their full potential and achieve individual success.
  • Children are viewed as capable, competent and active participants in learning.

In relation to Partnerships with Families:

  • We work in partnership with families and communities, embracing a shared responsibility for nurturing, fostering and educating young children.

In relation to High Expectations and Equity:

  • All aspects of practice and pedagogy are be proactively challenged and deconstructed to address privilege, power and inequity.
  • Safe yet challenging and dynamic environments are created to foster dispositions for lifelong learning.
  • Through attention to nutrition and education we aim to establish sound eating habits, contributing to the lifelong health and wellbeing of children.

In relation to Respect for Diversity:

  • We embrace diversity and difference while appreciating similarities and common bonds.

In relation to Reflective Practice:

  • Ongoing professional development, reflective practice and engagement with early childhood research drives continual improvement and guides decision making processes in relation to environment, teaching practice, relationships and long term sustainability.

At Habitat Early Learning, we believe:

  • “That every child is of intrinsic value and worth”
  • “That every child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect”
  • “That children possess rights and responsibilities”
  • “That each child is an individual – we celebrate diversity and difference while appreciating and enjoying similarities and common bonds”
  • “That children’s development will flourish in an environment which is rich in learning opportunities”
  • “That children learn best in a safe and predictable environment which encourages them to explore and meet new challenges”
  • “That development should encompass the whole child, including physical, cognitive, social/emotional, creative expressive and spiritual entities and that each child should develop at their own pace”
  • “That every child has the right to be nurtured and cherished to enable them to reach their full potential"
  • “That the role of families, educators and the broader community is vital in providing equitable care in our Centre and we encourage input to our programs and policy decisions.  Our children are our future and therefore we work in partnership with our families”
  • "That play is the vehicle for learning, and a fundamental right of the child"