While we find that children are often far more likely to try (and enjoy) different food in the child care environment than they are at home, from time to time there are children who are particularly reluctant. We believe that eating and meal time should be pleasant, social occasions and that food should never be associated with behaviour management. We also know that every child in our care needs to have adequate food to participate happily and comfortably in our programs.   With this in mind, the below strategies are implemented.

  1. Encourage children to try new foods
  2. Offer a basic alternative (not intended to detract from the nutritious main meal, but offer a suitable alternative for reluctant eaters)
  3. If a child refuses any food offered by our Chef we will generally negotiate with the family to provide some suitable foods from home until which time the child is confident enough to begin to choose from the daily menu.
  4. Maintain communication with the child’s family to enable appropriate daily nutritional requirements to be achieved.